Google might be rebranding Smart Lock to Pixel Presence in Android Q

June 7, 2019

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Current iterations of Android allow Chromebooks and Android phones to remain unlocked when in the presence of certain Bluetooth devices or in a location that Google determines you frequently unlock your phone, among other unlock conditions. That feature is currently known as Smart Lock, and Google might be thinking of improving it in Android Q.

Spotted by 9to5Google, Pixel users on Android Q have spotted changes to Smart Lock — rebranding it as Pixel Presence outside the US. The smart lock interface hasn’t changed for years, still, reflecting Google’s previous Material theme and mid-2010’s design sensibilities.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing else new aside from the name change.

While Smart Lock and Pixel Presence might be the same things at the moment, Google may well have something up its sleeve later this year when it launches the Pixel 4.

We’ll learn more about Pixel Presence either then, or at the official naming ceremony of Android Q.

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