Google Might Be Launching Its Biggest Assault On Windows Phone Platform On Sep 15th


1, 2014

Android One

Google first revealed Android One project at Google I/O few months back. As part of Android One project, Google has developed a reference hardware platform that’s made of affordable components that OEMs can use to build really cheap smartphones without compromising performance. One of the key advantages Windows Phone enjoys over Android in the low-end of the market is the stable performance of the device. If Google can overcome that shortcoming of Android with this Android One project, these devices will now directly compete with Windows Phone devices on their respective segments. Affordable mid-range and low-end devices like Moto E, Xiaomi Mi3 and others have proven to be successful in Indian market.

In this situation, Google has invited the press for an event in India on September. NDTV speculates that Google might be revealing the first devices that will go on sale based on the new Android One project.

Source: NDTV

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