Google just made ChromeOS a better fit for tablets and hybrids

February 2, 2018

We reported earlier that Google was planning to implement split-screen mode while in tablet mode for Android apps in ChromeOS, the firm has now added that feature to its PC OS with Chrome OS 64.

Chrome OS 64, aside from also fixing the Spectre issue as well, also improves support on the Android app side of things, making the apps feel more integrated into the operating system.

Here’s the full changelog from Google’s Chrome Releases Blog.

  • Take screenshots faster on Chromebooks with a 360-degree hinge by pressing the power and volume down buttons at the same time
  • Revamped Intent Picker for Play Applications (Same window by default with override)
  • Lockscreen Performance Improvements
  • Enable VPN for Google Play Apps
  • Enhancements to our protected media pipeline for Android
  • Android Container Auto Update Optimizations
  • Touchscreen pairing settings

While Google has long since supported Android apps and touch screens on Chromebooks, even launching its own hybrid PC, the firm still falls behind (woeful) efforts by Microsoft to build its own tablet optimised interface.

This update takes ChromeOS a step further towards being a new kind of do everything mobile OS. With the library of Google Play apps already available for the platform, Google has the luxury of building out a new platform without needing to account for an “app gap”.

ChromeOS users will have the update installed automatically when available.

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