Google Is Working To Fix The Chrome Browser Bug That Drains Your Windows Laptop Battery

Yesterday, we reported a potential bug Google Chrome that will cause poor battery life on Windows laptop during web browsing. There is a potential bug in Google Chrome that drains your battery life and even may cause performance degrade. The bug is related to “system clock tick rate” in Google Chrome. System clock rate determines the active state of the processor, usually it would be 15.625ms when Windows is in idle mode. What Google Chrome does is that it sets the clock rate to 1.000ms making the processor waking up more than the usual. System clock rates of 1.000ms might increase power consumption by “as much as 25 per cent”. So, how does Internet Explorer handle the same issue? When you are doing regular web browsing, IE11 sets it to 15.625ms, but when you play YouTube video, it reduces it to 1.000ms for better performance.

After 2 years, Google has finally confirmed to PCWorld that they are working to fix the issue.

The bug has been assigned internally, and that the Chrome team is working to fix it.

Until they fix it, use Internet Explorer 11 for better efficient web browsing experience.