Google introduces a quick new shortcut for creating calendar events on the web


25, 2019

Last year, Google introduced new shortcuts for the web with its .new extension. This allowed users to create new Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms rather quickly. Now the firm has followed it up with a new extension.

Users can create a new event by typing in cal or meeting .new into their browser’s URL bar, and this functionality also extends itself into multiple accounts as well. If you’re logged into multiple accounts on your browser, adding a /1/ after the will point it towards the first listed account, 2 and 3 towards your second and third accounts, you get the deal.

The firm has also recently extended this new  .new extension to its Google Keep app as well, aking using Google’s web tools almost as frictionless as if they were local apps in themselves. You should be able to start using this immediately if you’re a user of Google’s apps and services.

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