Google is improving gaming experience on Chromebooks


17, 2020

Google Chromebook Gaming

Google today announced that it is improving the gaming experience on Chromebooks. Read about the improvements below.

First, Google has created a new Premium gaming section in the Google Play Store on Chromebooks. In this section, you can discover new games designed for Chromebook.

Second, you can get special gaming perks on Chromebooks. you can be a winner even before you play. You can go to from your Chromebook to find and redeem these offers and more.

Third, with Stadia cloud gaming service, you can instantly stream and play games like PUBG, Destiny 2 and more on your Chromebook without waiting for installation, downloads, or updates. Google is also offering three months of Stadia Pro for free to Chromebook users.

Fourth, Nvidia GeForceNow makes it easy to instantly play your favorite PC games across different game libraries including Steam, Uplay store and more. You can go to to subscribe to the service.

Finally, Chromebook-certified game controllers allow you to enjoy gaming in a more convenient way.

Source: Google

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