Google Docs has new fonts to help with reading speed for educators


13, 2019

Google has created a new set of fonts for Google Docs to help improve reading speed. Known as Lexend, these fonts are intended to improve understanding and retention of knowledge consumed by students or workers. It’s most efficient when tailored to your own writing speed, but the firm’s fluency test that would let you pick an ideal size isn’t up yet.

Google says:

These fonts take into account typographical factors, such as size and spacing, that the font developers hope will improve reading speed. This can be particularly helpful for educators who want to leverage new tools that can improve reading among their students, especially those who are sensitive to visual crowding.

Personally, I prefer to write in Merriwether, but I can see the utility of these fonts in the education sector. It’s already known that simply changing fonts help students write more tightly edited essays. These fonts have been made available to all Docs users. You should see them in the More fonts menu immediately.

Via: Android Police

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