Google Delivers Pseudo Chrome OS Interface Within Chrome Browser For Windows 8 Metro Mode


15, 2014

Chrome Windows 8 App 1

Google today announced the release of Chrome 32 web browser for Windows devices. This stable release will include some neat features such as tracking down noisy tags, safe browsing feature, etc,. One of the most important changes is the inclusion of Chrome OS interface within Windows 8 Metro mode. In full screen mode, the whole UX will be like Chrome OS with support for multiple windows, app launchers and more.

  • You can now track down noisy tabs: You can now visually scan your tabs for a speaker icon to quickly find the ones singing in the background. You’ll also be able to see which tabs are currently using your webcam or are being cast to your TV.
  • Safe Browsing’s malware warning has gotten stronger: If you see this message in the download tray at the bottom of your screen, you can click “Dismiss” knowing that Chrome is working to keep you safe.
  • Try out supervised users for your family members: You can now use a beta preview of supervised users to help family members who may need some guidance browsing the web. Once you create a supervised user, you can visit to review their browsing activity and determine site restrictions.  
  • Chrome on Windows 8 “Metro” mode gets a new look: Manage multiple Chrome windows and quickly get to your favorite Chrome Apps with an integrated app launcher.  On the desktop, we’ve updated the default styling of UI elements like form controls and scrollbars to match the sleek design of the new Chrome Metro interface.

Source: Google

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