Google cracking down on Marketplace apps offering their services

imageIt is no secret that Google does not see much reason to support Windows Phone 7 with their numerous services, such as YouTube, Google Voice etc, but it seems the company has now gone on the offensive even against 3rd party applications which offer their services on Windows Phone platform.

The developer of YouTube Live has received a notice from Microsoft on behalf of Google asking them to remove YouTube Live, reading:

"This message is to notify you that Microsoft has received Content Infringement Complaint (“Complaint”) regarding your application Youtube Live. A copy of the Complaint is attached for your review.

Remove Application Access Immediately

You must remove access to the application from the Marketplace within one business day. If your application is still available for download after one business day,Microsoft may remove the application without further notice. Please note that under certain circumstances Microsoft may remove your app immediately without providing you the opportunity to remove it."

Google services form a pretty important part of the online experience for most internet users, and it would be pretty damaging if Windows Phone 7 appears not to offer any access to their services.  While Google is within their rights to ask for these apps to change their names, it does make it more difficult for new users to find these apps.

At least the notice means Windows Phone has become big enough for Google to take notice, which is not a bad thing in itself.