Google has revealed some ways in which the company is trying to help people find the right information related to coronavirus pandemic. The company has now announced that it will be displaying local coronavirus related advisories in the search results.

In a blog post, Google revealed the new changes made to search results, including a new “SpecialAnnouncement” structured data for websites which can be eligible to appear with a COVID-19 announcement rich result, in addition to the page’s regular snippet description. This will allow Google to highlight “important updates like school closures or stay-at-home directives.”

Another way to let Google know about a new announcement is to submit a COVID-19 announcement in Search Console. While both of the methods are applicable for government agencies and media outlets, it should allow Google information and show the important and relevant information in the search results.

Google said that they will be using this feature to show results from government websites at the moment. However, the company is actively working to include more websites. “While we might not immediately show announcements from other types of sites, seeing the markup will help us better understand how to expand this feature.”