Google continues to battle tab overload with new Omnibox improvement


23, 2020

Tab overload is a real problem which makes it less efficient to navigate your browser and can also cause issues with memory consumption and background resource use.

Google is regularly updating its Chrome browser to combat this issue and is currently testing another tweak to the Omnibox address bar to prevent users from opening up a website which is already open.

Noticed by Techdows, the new flag would enable a feature which would encourage users to switch to an existing tab if the website they are trying to open from the address bar is already open there.

Previously the Switch to this Tab button was to the right of the typed address, and with this change, the prompt would now be on a dedicated line closer to where the user is typing.

To activate this feature:

1. Launch Chrome Canary

2. Visit about:flags page, search for “dedicated row” without quotes

3. For the “Omnibox dedicated row tab switch suggestions”, select “Enabled” and restart the browser.

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