Google Chrome Search’s timer is still unavailable

Google Chrome is the biggest browser worldwide for a lot of reasons. One of them is the fact of how convenient it is when it comes to offering instant tools to users like a built-in browser calculator, Air Quality Index, weather widget, and the still unavailable timer.

The timer first vanished last month, which stirred different speculations. Some believed that Google intendedly removed the tool, but after some tweets from Google professionals, it was revealed that its disappearance was caused by a reason still unidentified until now.

“We have an issue that we’ve been looking (into),” Google’s public search liaison Danny Sullivan says in his August 1 tweet, “we expect to have it back fairly soon.”

However, the problem remains unknown, though Sullivan himself learned about the problem as early as July 21. Days after that, Sullivan replied to a tweet that the team was still working on the issue. “We’re still looking into it. I do expect it will be back fairly soon, though I don’t have a specific ETA I can give yet. Sorry about the inconvenience.”

There’s good and bad news on this part. While Google admits that the problem causing the unavailability of the timer is still unspecified, it means the tech company doesn’t have plans to remove it. This also means you can keep using the handy tool, though we’re still unsure when it’ll be back. 

Sharron Bennet

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