Google Begins Android One Program With Three New Devices In India


15, 2014

Android One

Google first revealed its Android One project at Google I/O few months back. As part of Android One project, Google has developed a reference hardware platform that is made of affordable components that OEMs can use to build really cheap smartphones without compromising performance. Also, these devices will run pure Android experience and Google will deliver them updates on their own.

One of the key advantage Windows Phone platform enjoys over Android is the low-end of the market where Windows Phone devices offer stable performance and regular updates. If Google can overcome both of those shortcomings with Android One project, then Microsoft will find it harder to compete with those device. Today, Google announced three new devices from leading Indian OEMs as part of the Android One project and several other OEMs joining the program soon. Microsoft has only one device to compete with these new device Android One devices, it is Nokia Lumia 530. When a normal consumer compares Nokia Lumia 530 with any of the Android One devices, they will find Lumia 530 lack in specs. Google has chosenĀ 4.5-inch display (845 x 480 pixels), dual SIM support, quad core Mediatek processor, 1GB RAM, 4GB storage, microSD card for expansion (up to 32GB supported) and dual cameras as the base specs for their Android One devices. All of these devices are priced from Rs.6399 to Rs.7000.

Lumia 530 lacks in two key areas when compared to Android One devices, lack of 1GB RAM and the secondary camera. I think Microsoft should at least increase the RAM in Lumia 530 to 1GB RAM to better compete with Android devices. What do you think?


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