Due to the shift in strategy around their own Cortana digital assistant, Microsoft decided to add support for third party digital assistants in Xbox One. Last year, Microsoft announced Amazon Alexa integration for Xbox One. Following its success, back in September, Microsoft first announced that they are bringing Google Assistant support to Xbox One consoles.

Today, Microsoft announced that Google Assistant support for Xbox One is now available for all users around the world where Google Assistant is available. At launch, only English language is supported. But Microsoft will bring support for more languages in the near future.

Here’s how you can setup Google Assistant on your Xbox One:

  1. Sign in to your Xbox.
  2. In the Google Home app for iOS or Android:
    1. Tap + Add.
    2. Tap Set up device.
    3. Tap Have something already set up?
    4. Search for Xbox.
  3. Select Xbox and sign in with the Microsoft account you use on Xbox.
  4. Follow the instructions to pair your Xbox with your Google Assistant device and provide your Xbox device name.

Once the setup is done, you can say commands such as the following to control your Xbox.

  • “Hey Google, play Fortnite on Xbox”
  • “Hey Google, turn off Xbox”
  • “Hey Google, turn on Xbox”
  • “Hey Google, pause Xbox”
  • “Hey Google, resume on Xbox”
  • “Hey Google, volume up on Xbox”
  • “Hey Google, volume down 5 on Xbox”
  • “Hey Google, launch YouTube on Xbox”
  • “Hey Google, mute Xbox”
  • “Hey Google, record that on Xbox”
  • “Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox”
  • “Hey Google, change the channel to [channel name] on Xbox” (if live TV is configured)

This Google Assistant integration is rolling today as part of the November 2019 Xbox Update.

Source: Xbox