Google Announces New Health Search Experience, It Is Available On Microsoft Bing Since 2009


Google today announced a new feature related to Health data searches. When you search Google about common health conditions, you’ll start getting relevant medical facts right up front from the Knowledge Graph. You don’t have to dig into many websites to get concrete info about that health condition. If you are a Bing user, you must be familiar with this feature already. The only difference with both the experiences is that Google’s knowledge graph contents are now verified by Google doctors whereas Microsoft relies on content from MayoClinic directly.

Microsoft added enhanced Health related search results page back in 2009,

However, looking for health information is a challenging task because the average consumer is not a medical expert. This makes it difficult to know what should be trusted as credible sources of health information, not to mention that the sheer volume of health information available online can be overwhelming. To help consumers make more informed decisions about personal care, Bing provides easy access to medical information from several trusted resources including The Mayo Clinic, The American Cancer Society, MD Consult, Gold Standard, the NIH’s NCCAM and MedlinePlus. This content offers relevant and credible information on symptoms, diagnoses and medical procedures, as well as issues related to drugs and substances, personal health and alternative medicine.

Back in 2010, they announced new enhanced Bing Health search experience.

Bing discovers a relevant document in its library of health resources and presents a smart summary related to the query. In addition, Bing uncovers key related topics by analyzing an index of medical sources and extracting meaningful data automatically. In this case, the user receives instant guidance through short lists of other conditions related to the query (for example, “obesity”), medications that are important to know about (for example, “insulin”) and US medical centers that are active in the field. Users may select any of these points of interest to continue their search in a new area.

In 2010, they added the following improvements,

· Tweets from select health publishers in instant answers

· Instant health data tables for common inquiries like blood pressure or cholesterol levels

· Shortcuts to clinical trials for conditions including various cancer types and other major diseases

· New content partners including Harvard Health and the CDC

Find the screenshots below,


When I tried the same medical terms on Bing today, I didn’t get the enhanced health search experience. I’ve asked Microsoft for clarification on whether this feature was discontinued.