Many have called iOS14 the Windows Vista of iPhone operating systems, as the OS is constantly informing users or asking permission for various trivial things apps want to do in the background.

It’s not just users that are complaining of these new permission pop-ups, but also an association of European advertising association, who are saying that they are being forced to ask iPhone users twice for permission to track them across apps and websites.

At present to track users advertisers have to ask permission in line with the GDPR, but with iOS14 iPhone users will have to agree a second time to allow advertisers to gain access to the unique Advertising Identifier.

The second pop-up would look like this (AppleInsider).

The advertisers are complaining that asking a second time is likely to cause user confusion and carries “a high risk of user refusal.”

Apple, in turn, said they are offering developers plenty of opportunities to explain to users before the pop-up is displayed and that developers can avoid triggering the pop-up merely by using Apple’s own anonymised tracking tools, which does not require asking for permission.

While Apple says their actions are motivated by their commitment to user privacy, some commentators are seeing the efforts as designed to undermine Google’s business, which remains 90% funded by advertising.

via Reuters