Google is testing a new visual search tool in Chrome using their Google Lens technology.

The feature lets you search by highlighting a region, much like Microsoft’s very useful Search with Screenshot feature.

The feature is now available in the Right-Click menu in Chrome Canary behind the “Enable Lens Region Search” flag.

Enabling the option adds the Search part of the page with Google Lens option.

When picked you can immediately select part of the page to search on Google Lens.

google lens search 2

You will then be taken to the Google Lens search page, with the option there of also doing an image search.

Overall the feature is still problematic, causing issues with responsive sites and Microsoft’s Search with Screenshot option is still better, which in many cases OCR the text, allowing you to copy and paste text from pictures.

The feature is now available in Chrome Canary 94.0.4583.0 and higher.

via Techdows