From today, if you try and download the YouTube TV app from the Google Play Store on ChromeOS, instead of downloading the Android app you will instead be offered the Progressive Web App or PWA. The same applies to the Twitter app (which is of course a hosted PWA on most platforms already) and is the result of “challenging and satisfying engineering work” done by the Chrome OS Apps Platform team.

PWAs are of course better suited to an operating system designed to replace apps with web pages in any case, and should display and run better on lower power ChromeOS laptops.

On the other hand, PWAs tend to be underpowered compared to Android apps, and if users wanted the PWA they would likely have gone directly to the ChromeOS store.

It is likely Google will try and replace more Android apps with PWAs on ChromeOS. What do our readers think of this move? Let us know below.

Via Engadget