Good news: Nokia is running Trade-up program in US. Bad news: Your NL900 is worth only $84


About 25% of new Windows phone users upgrade from Android, and Nokia wants to encourage that trend by offering to pay switching users for their old phone.

If you buy a new Nokia Lumia 928, 925 or 920 and switch from an iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One, they offer to reimburse users via pre-paid VISA card with as much as $250.

Many Windows Phone 7 users would however love to upgrade to a new Windows Phone 8 handset but are still in their two year contract. The deal also works for Windows Phones, and a year old Nokia Lumia 900 will net you a cosy $84. Mmmm…

If this still sounds attractive to you, see Nokia’s site for more info.