Goldfish in the Sewer New Windows Phone Game from Finland that works also in WP 7.5!


28, 2014

Goldfish in the Sewer menu title

Goldfish in the Sewer is a fast and addictive game, where you compete against time in 2D cartoon style.

Goldfish in the Sewer features:
• Various methods to steer the Goldfish: Tilt phone, virtual pad or full screen touch controls.
• Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay
• Handcrafted levels
• Collect fruits to make better time
• Leaderboard, top all players list every level.
• Replays, you can play versus ghost-player.

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The player is controlling the Goldfish and main task is to try to complete all levels as fast you can to unlock more levels and have better ranking at the leader board. Player uses pipe walls to make fish to go faster to specific direction and collect various “ fruit power ups” to reduce level time. Player needs to avoid the slowing green slime and use red boost points to get even better time. Playing happens by tilting the phone to specific direction or optionally with virtual pad or touch controls.

Download game from here.

See the video trailer after the break.

Goldfish in the Sewer Gameplay trailer 052014

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