Golden Tickets…. A Microsoft Contest To Remember



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We have heard of many contests, but this one is truly a cool one. This new contest was started at TechEd Australia 2010 and seems to be a new way for Microsoft to get the word out (since we are talking about it) and bring interest to not only a Windows Phone 6.5 device, but finally in October… A Windows Phone 7 device.

The contest is similar to what Willy Wonka did in the movie but in a much smaller scale. Microsoft is giving away 250 Windows Phone 7 branded blocks of chocolate and 5 of these delicious ( I hope) peace’s of candy will be awarded a new Windows Mobile 6.5 device, and when released, a Windows Phone 7 device.

I wish we could get a taste of these candy bars all the way over here in America, but Microsoft does not take me serious when I call.

Comment below and tell us if you want a piece of the action.

Via: ISS

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