Cory Barlog, creative director of PlayStation’s God of War, has expressed his opinion on the rising cost of video games. 

With news that next-gen titles will see a rise in their standard retail price from $60 to $70 in order to combat the ballooning production budgets required to create AAA experiences like Halo Infinite or The Last of Us 2, Barlog has explained that he believes this is the right away.

While the microtransaction infected world of NBA 2K21 will be the first game to take advantage of this new price increase, Barlog wants prices to increase primarily to combat the corporate need for predatory loot boxes and microtransactions.

“Games need to go up in price,” the God of War director said on Twitter. “I prefer an initial increase in price to the always on cash grab microtransaction filled hellscape that some games have become.”

Barlog is not the only industry professional that sees worry in the booming growth of game sizes, asset creation and game complexity that creators and consumers demand.

Ex-Sony executive Shawn Layden recently expressed his thoughts on the unsustainability of modern AAA game development, primarily noting the development advancements between The Last of Us and The Last of Us 2.

With Barlog presumably working on God of War 2 for Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 5, the director’s position on creating exclusive AAA titles for the most popular console of the generation is a voice that might be worth listening to.