God Eater 3 will be making its way to Nintendo Switch very soon. Goodbye social life!

This new port of the fantastic anime monster-hunting series will be arriving on Nintendo’s handheld this Summer. While you can already play the game on PS4 and PC, you can’t really play it portably outside of gaming laptops and the GPD Win 2. Okay, you can play it on a portable, but not on your Switch!

“The Nintendo Switch opens up new ways to experience God Eater 3,” said brand manager for Bandai Namco Entertainment America, Jackie Simmons. “The portability of the system means players can meet anytime-anywhere to band together and bring down monstrous threats. The platform also enables players to take God Eater 3 on the road, so they’re never far from adventure and fun!”

With Bandai Namco’s other recent Switch ports being well made and successful, you can imagine that God Eater 3 will see a quality conversion. After all, if Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 runs well on the system then this should too.

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God Eater 3 on Switch will be an up-to-date version of the game with all modes available on the system. That includes local co-op, online multiplayer and the recent updates. It’s looking mighty impressive.

Japanese players will be able to pick up the game on July 11th. Everyone else can play the game on July 12th.