Glue and metal strips show the way to a true all-screen smartphone


19, 2018

As the smartphone industry edges closer to a true all-screen smartphone, Huawei has posted a patent describing a way to get closer to the elusive 100% goal.

The closest recently has been the Vivo Nex S with a 91.24%, but even that device has a (tiny but) significant chin.  In a new patent, Huawei describes how to make a nearly bezel-less device by using metal strips on the side of the device which is glued in place to cradle and protect the screen.

Crucially the screen would slot into a small recess on the metal strips, to keep the screen in place. A very thin bezel remains at the top and bottom, but even that is designed to minimize the apparent size of the chin. Despite using glue, the device would remain waterproof and dustproof.

There is some speculation this design will be used on the upcoming  Huawei Mate 20 Pro with its 6.9-inch screen, due in October, though it may first show up in the next Huawei Mate Porsche Design smartphone, where Huawei traditionally tests new technology such as triple cameras and in-display fingerprint readers.

The patent can be seen here.

Via LetsgoDigital

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