Glowing Nokia Lumia 800 review from Mobile Industry Review

We have seen numerous reviews of the Nokia Lumia 800 over the last few weeks, but I find this one by the magazine Mobile Industry Review one of the best, as it is based on actual usage of the device over a period of time and issues actual users encounter, rather than cores and megapixels.

They write:

I’ve been using the Nokia Lumia 800 for just over a week, full time now. It has temporarily replaced the BlackBerry Curve I normally use for business work (I also use a Bold 9900 and an iPhone).

I most certainly miss the physical keyboard of the BlackBerry, however I have to say that the Nokia Lumia 800 does appear business-ready. I’ve been able to hit the ground running — I’ve even managed to use the “I’m going to be late” function in the Windows Phone calendar.


I used the British Airways app on the Lumia to fly from London Heathrow to Dusseldorf and found the experience flawless. What’s more, I felt good using the Lumia. It may not be Nokia’s absolute tip-top super-smartphone (I suspect the 800 dollar Luma 1000 or something will be along soon) however it most certainly looks smart. Looks are important. There’s a reason I wear a particular suit, use a particular pen, carry a particular bag. They create a specific impression. The Lumia, I’m pleased to say, adds to this impression. It doesn’t detract. To be clear, a Nokia N97 did detract.

I talked recently about the Lumia 800?s battery life feeling very much like the rest of the smartphones I have. This is true. I haven’t found it astonishing in terms of capacity at all. However, I did discover a ‘battery save’ mode. That fixes everything for me. It doesn’t limit the capacity of the phone as far as my experience concerned. It just stops a lot of the background location and connectivity services from running unless you actually want them. That has moved my Lumia experience from “good” to “great”. I am delighted that I can get through the day (and thensome) with the Lumia in Battery Save mode.

The fact I even have to think about this is seriously annoying. It’s an industry-wide problem though. I would love to see Nokia come to market with a (thicker?) handset that genuinely DOES last 2-3 days with proper usage.

Here in Germany I’ve been using Nokia Maps a lot. And goodness me it’s fantastic. I’ve known this. I’ve seen this. It’s just been a dire experience on previous handsets. You’ve had to ignore quite a lot of glaring annoyances on previous models in order to get much in the way of value from Maps — this is, at least, my impression. I routinely used Google Maps on my Symbian devices because it felt so much better.

The rest of the review reads in much the same vein and is definitely worth a read.  The main point being that the Nokia Lumia 800 serves all his needs and looks good while doing it.

Read their full review here.

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