“Glossy White” Nokia Lumia 800 coming to Swiss retailers mid-February

We have seen rumours and evidence of a white Nokia Lumia 800, but now a Swiss retailer has simply come out and admitted that it will be stocking the handset and also provided an availability date.

When asked Swiss phone retailer MobileZone said the “glossy white” Nokia Lumia 800 will be hitting their shelves in mid-February 2012. See the email exchange below:

From: _____
Sent: Tuesday, 24 January 2012 12:49
In: Information mobilezone
Subject: Nokia Lumia 800 in White

Good day

I wanted to ask if she plans a white Nokia Lumia 800 have in it range record and if so, when they become available to you would be?

Thanks for your information
kind Regards
From: info mobilezone
Sent: 25/01/2012 11:20

Subject: Re: Nokia Lumia 800 in White

Good day

Thank you for your inquiry.

We expected to be from the Nokia Lumia glossy white in color about received in mid-February.

kind Regards
Customer Service

Interestingly a similar enquiry to Swisscom, the largest carrier in Switzerland, recieved a negative response – they will only stocking the cyan and black handsets.

It seems if you were waiting for a glossy white handset the wait will not be long.

Thanks Hypi for the tip.