Developer Submission: Glean is Free with 3000+ new levels


12, 2015

Glean is free with more than 3000 levels

Glean is now Free with more than 3000 new levels. Glean is an addictive Touch Puzzle Game made by the start-up Loon Apps. Other games by Loon Apps is Catch, Link and Covy Rush.

In Glean, you have to collect lots of tiny items spread accross many levels as Star,  Cloud, or Heart. To play, just link all items with your finger.

Glean has now more than 3000 free levels, from simpliest to hardest. If you are locked, watch the animated solution for free in pressing “help ?” button.

To play, download Glean for Free from the Windows Phone Store.

Please note that Glean is also available on Android from Google Play and Glean on iPhone from the AppStore.

To learn more about Glean, watch the trailer bellow or visit Glean page on Loon Apps website.

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Developer: Loon Apps
Price: Free
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