GL Quake ported to Windows Phone 8

Justin Marshall, who I suspect is a Microsoft developer, has ported glQuake to Windows Phone.

He converted the OpenGL code to Direct3D11, used by Windows Phone, and it seems it was the work of a mere few weeks, having been started during his Christmas break.

That does not of course mean the work is finished or bug free.  He writes:

I tried to keep the engine as close as I could to the original, one of the big things I had to add was obviously d3d11 support but also I added fbo/ibo support. I did that because it made converting trifan to tristrip easier.

It is buggy, but it’s playable(right now to get to a level you need to set map <xyz> in autoexec.cfg, thats only because I haven’t programmed the input for the menu yet), the PVS system seams to cull out more stuff than it should, the sky, liquid and lava don’t render correctly half the time(half the time they do though), and the sound system cuts out. And the culling for models gets reversed sometimes also dont know why.

Justin writes that one of his motivations was to provide a ready-made engine for other developers to create high quality performant games on, and to that end he has made the source code freely downloadable here.

Read more about his efforts at MSDN here.

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