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Dumb and Dumber 'There's a Chance'

A Spanish newspaper mangled an interview with Stephen Elop into a story which Gizmodo repeated.

After Nokia clarified the facts Gizmodo has now continued to pursue the first, flawed interpretation of Stephen Elop’s words,  saying Nokia tried to mislead everyone, when the actual meaning is pretty clear.

The full transcript, according to El Pais, reads as follows:

Q: Do you rule out 100% launching a device, a smartphone based on Android next year? [the interview was conducted in late December, "next year" refers to "this year", 2013]

Elop: The way I think about it is, the current war of ecosystems, we are fighting with Windows Phone. That´s what we are doing. Now, what we are always doing is, how does that evolve?, what comes next? What role does HTML 5 play? What role does Android or other things play in the future? We´ll look further into the future, but in terms of what we are bringing into the market and what we are immediately focused on, we are focused on Windows Phone.

Q: But there are things like Firefox OS, HTLM 5, as you mention. Is it that you don´t rule out any change [in the choice of platform]? If things change, you don´t rule out to change as well?

Elop: Well, first of all, things will always change in this industry, and so everybody, including Microsoft, are looking well forward to say, how do things evolve, whether is on Windows Phone as a platform, or whatever. The thing to know is that, some of the changes that are happening, like HTML 5, what that may cause to happen is that, whether is Android or Windows Phone or other things underneath, over time might become less important than the fact that is HTML 5 capable. The promise of HTML 5 is that you can build applications that work across different platforms, so the conversation may shift. At the same time, HTML 5 is not in a position today to be the big ecosystem… it´s still very early.

Q: So if the conversation shifts, if the landscape shifts, you are free to commit to other platforms. Will you commit to other platforms?

Elop: We will shift as business circumstances and as the landscape shifts… of course…

Q: So you leave the door open to that?

Elop: The door is open to any shift over time, but I want to be really, really clear, we are seeing great feedback from our consumers, we are delivering great products to market using Windows Phone, and we are pleased to see that.

So what Stephen Elop is saying is that there is a chance? Or maybe some-one at Gizmodo is being dumber and dumber….


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