Give Your Device an iPhone Lockscreen

I am sure I should not post this, but since I like taking risks, here you go. This lock screen is a bit like S2U2, but with less function. The lock screen is a simple slide to unlock screen with notifications, and has the Windows Phone price and unlock.

Main features:
[+] The skin got a appointment area which shows the next appointment
[+] You are able to see how much notifications you got
[+] It looks a bit like the iPhone-Unlock-Skin (excluding the slider and the top information’s)
[+] The slider is located at the left side

All changes on your ROM are without responsibility!!
The skin is based on the lockscreen-file from the EnergyROM.
So thanks to NRGZ28 for his great ROM!

Sorry for my bad English, but I’m only a German student.
I hope you like my work!
Greetz Nightskill

Download this lockscreen