Help beat Google and raise money for Leukemia research at the same time!

How much would you give to have a Google employee wear a Microsoft shirt in the Mountain View campus?
How much would you give to not have a Google shirt be worn by a Microsoftie in Redmond?
How much would you give to come back from behind and beat Google in a donation competition?
How much would you give to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research to fight cancer?

joecarolHere’s the deal, my significant other and I are running a half marathon with Team in Training to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research. My significant other, who took an internship job at Google this summer, decided to make our fund raising a small competition.

If she raises more money than me by July 30th, then I will have to wear a Google shirt to work one day. If I raise more money than her, she will have to wear a Bing shirt to their weekly gathering where even Larry and Sergey are in attendance! That’s right, chances are Larry and Sergey are going to see a Bing shirt at their gathering!

To view the progress of the competition, there is a nice graphic here . As you can see, Team Google is currently up on Team Microsoft $1,325 to $650.

I was winning until yesterday when some random Googler decided to donate $1000 (and Google will match it 100%). So this is where you come in, will you give to a great cause and get some satisfaction on the side? I’m not asking for you to give $1000 (that was ridiculous), but any small amount will help. If you would like to, please donate here . Make sure you choose to donate for “Jose Moreno” and specify that the donation is for Team Microsoft.


Jose Moreno