GFX Technologies presents “Trulla”

Press Release: SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — December 10, 2010 — GFX Technologies Corp. launches the first application of local content made in Puerto Rico for Windows Phone 7. With more than 60 mobile operators at 30 countries around the world compromised to commercialize the Windows Phone 7; the millions of Puerto Ricans in and out of Puerto Rico and every one that likes the Caribbean culture will be able to enjoy typical Christmas rhythms, lyrics, instruments and choruses.

“We have a fantastic first application”, said Guillermo Caicedo, Developer of GFX Technologies. He mentioned that “Microsoft and their partners are offering a different phone experience. Part of this process is to collaborate in the creation of local content consumer based apps.”

World Wide Availability

Trulla is available in any country where the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace can be reached. With this kind of exposition, GFX Technologies is able to share with the entire world the Latin flavor impregnated in this application.

GFX Technologies recognized the opportunity to offer capabilities that distinguished Trulla from the increasing equivalence between applications for smartphones, and worked with key partners to consummate experience. “There are applications of this type on other mobile platforms, however, nobody else offer all the functionalities that Trulla offered. We worked with graphics artists, professional photographers, music publishers and recognized musicians to elaborate a product that can be distinguished from others,” said Hector Ayala, Sales and Marketing Director of GFX Technologies. He added, “Puerto Ricans, Hispanics and the rest of the world enjoy our typical rhythms and vibrant culture. Trulla is a sample of our country showed worldwide so that everyone can have a piece of Puerto Rico in the palm of their hands.”

A view of “Trulla”

This first edition of Trulla brings the user the opportunity to interact in an easy way with musical instruments, typical rhythms and Christmas musical lyrics. The first section offers access to a lyrics database of all-time favorite Puerto Rican Christmas songs. The consumer can access a menu at the bottom of the database to play rhythms and choruses, while singing the lyrics. Also can press the bomba button or shake the phone to enjoy native Bombas and send Bombas to friends and family through email or SMS.

In other section the user can play the musical instruments like the “palitos”, “panderos” and “güiro” by pressing the image of each instrument or shaking the phone to play the “maracas”. Through the bottom menu, the user can choose any rhythm while playing the musical instrument. The user can continue navigating in the application, playing choruses and finding many other surprises. In the information section, users can change the language of the menu (English or Spanish), go to the Facebook fan page of Trulla and access the Frequently Asked Questions.

Making of  video(spanish)

New Experiences

Trulla marks a new experience in mobile applications and is the first step of many more extensive development plans for GFX. There are many updates coming soon for the application that promise sound optimization on some of the instruments and new functionalities.

About GFX Technologies
Founded on 2010, GFX Technologies Corp. is the leader in local content applications for Windows Phone 7 in Puerto Rico. Download “Trulla” from your Windows Phone 7 or Zune by going to the Marketplace link.

If you don’t have a Windows Phone 7 yet go to and starts enjoying an amazing experience. For more information contact us at or visit us at Copyrighted 2010 © GFX Technologies Corp.

For more information about Trulla access: Twitter: gfxtech, and Facebook: Trulla