Get your Australia driver’s license with this app

If you are planning on getting your Australian learner’s license soon then you are going to need to use this FREE app.

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RTA Car Driver Knowledge Test Simulator contains all the theory questions used by the RTA. These questions are available offline so you can use this app anywhere and anytime you like without having to be connected. The app will let you have a detailed look at the questions bank when you will see all the questions and their correct answers. It will also allow you start a mock test that simulates the real test done at the RTA offices and will tell you if your score is enough to pass the test or not. You can also read the test rules to have a general idea of the test structure and other important information.

Feature overview:

*View all the questions with their correct answers.
**Start a mock test.
***Survival Mode.
****One random question mode.
*****View test rules.

We started working on this project after we found out that the NSW RTA only supported iPhone with an official app which was basically an app that opens the web page to their online demo. They refused to support Windows Phone as they told me in a conversation with them by e-mail so we decided to make this app and have it offer everything that their online service does to help our fellow Windows Phone fans.

The app is a universal app which means it is available for both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1. And it is FREE, however it is ad-supported. So if you want to remove the ads you can purchase the ‘No Ads’ in app product for as cheap as $1.49.

We hope that you will like our app. If you have any feedback and or any suggestions, please use the feedback button in the app to contact us. Also, feel free to rate the app in the store and share it with your friends and family.

To download the app, please click on the link or scan the qr-code:

Windows Phone 8.1 (Free):
Windows Phone link

RTA DKT Simulator (WinPhone 8.1)

Windows RT 8.1


RTA DKT Simulator (WinRT 8.1)