Get the right things with Opera 10 Beta 3


Opera is one of the fastest growing and most widely used browser in the Windows Mobile world, and this new cab includes everything you would need to better you experience. This cab was repacked by XDA member mike2037, and he included some tweaks and tools that shortens the wait time, give the browser flash support and associates the browser with all web based files.

This application again is still a beta but with this CAB, you will get the best experiance out of this great browser.

He had this to say:

Time to repack again…
I have repackaged Opera 10 Beta 3 with the following enhancements:

  • No prompts to make it the default browser or launch
    • This makes it possible to use during UC/XDAUC/Sashimi without a custom mort script
  • Default Browser is set to Opera 10
  • Rotation is enabled by default
  • Flash Lite is included in the package (all credit to JuggaloX)
  • File associations are set to Opera 10 for HTM, HTML, MHT, MHTML, WGT, WML, WMLC

If this new and improved Opera sounds like something for you, give it a go here