Get Samsung Focus S For $149 Under Contract And $499 Without Contract

focus sAmazon Wireless has listed Samsung Focus S for $149 under contract which is $50 less than the AT&T’s offering. But Amazon Wireless price of Samsung Focus without contract is $589 which is $40 higher than AT&T’s $549. Also the listing page of Samsung Focus S is filled with last generation Samsung Focus photos which is yet to be corrected. You can check it out here.

Microsoft Store at University Village, Seattle is running an awesome deal for its customers, you will get 20% offer for any purchase made over $500 and 25% for purchase over $1000. So if you buy a Samsung Focus S device without contract from them, it will cost only $399 (20% off from their price of $499) which is pretty great for this new device. Also $499 price tag at Microsoft Store’s is also $49 less than AT&T’s price.

How many of you are buying Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash devices today ?

Thanks to Omar Shahine for the info.