Get ready to ‘Meet Your Match’ at the Microsoft Store for a $25 voucher



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Microsoft is kicking off a challenge at their retail stores that replaces the #SmokedByWindowsPhone initiative of the WP7 era. With ‘Meet Your Match’ Microsoft is hoping to show people how much more personal Windows Phone 8 devices are compared to smartphones that people currently have. And people who do the challenge this time will be rewarded with a $25 voucher they can use towards any $75 purchase in the store, through the end of the year.

You get the $25 voucher no matter what happens during the challenge, there is no “winning” or “losing” this time, so don’t get crazy. Leave your shenanigans at home. All you do is come in to the store; a staff member will greet and introduce themselves and ask how you use your smartphone; based on that they will pick a task to do on the phone and show how Windows Phone does in comparison to your current smartphone, similar to the Smoked challenge. The difference this time is that the purpose is that it’s focused on the person, and how Windows Phone can help them do things better. It’s not a contest of specs, speed, or power; it’s meant to be a friendly conversation where people can take away something new learned about Windows Phone 8. In many ways it’s very similar to the recent Bing It On Challenge where people did a blind side-by-side comparison of search results from Bing and Goolge, without any of the controversy.

Some of the challenges you might encounter on the ‘Meet Your Match’ challenge include personalization (live tiles and colors, pinning people to the Start Screen and communicating with them easily, live apps on the lock screen), camera (great low-light pictures in Lumia 920, video stabilization, and wide-angle lens of HTC 8X front-facing camera), Kids Corner, and Local Scout.

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