Gerbil Invasion – the time has come

What if I told you gerbils need your help?

What if I told you gerbils are parachuting into an enemy territory?

An army of gerbils are parachuting into enemy territory, and the player needs to help them get to safety, you have a trampoline and you the gerbils glide to it to jump off of the screen. If you let the gerbils hit the mine field instead of the trampoline, they explode.

Soon you’ll see that too many gerbils are coming, and you need to act quick, then you have the option of cutting their parachute and letting them fall down faster.. after a time some enemy planes will also arrive, and try and slice the parachutes for you, you can tap them to drop them.

The game has 3 modes, basic arcade one where you have 5 lives, and you lose a life if one gerbil touches the mine field. You can collect extra lives. There is also a time based mode, where you can let as many gerbils explode as you like, but you are on the clock.. you can collect more time.. and then there is the crazy jumper mode, where all you need is to keep gerbils in the air, as many as you can, each jump equals good set of scores.

After all that, there are 6 gerbils to unlock, each is a different rank and score from the gerbil army, if you visit the squad screen you can see how much score you need for the next rank. Each gerbil has its own cute unique voice.

Game is called “Gerbil Invasion” and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

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