This Genesis AI trailer made in just 7 hours looks breathtaking

August 4, 2023
genesis ai trailer

Genesis AI trailer for a supposed science fiction film was made in just 7 hours by an AI, entirely, and it looks breathtaking. The trailer depicts a world where, ironically, AI is in control, and humans or human-like cyborgs are fighting it. Watch it below.

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The Genesis AI trailer was rendered with images and videos from Midjourney and Runway. Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence program that generates images from natural language descriptions, while Runway is a generative artificial intelligence that generates visual stories and videos.

The Genesis AI trailer was created by Nicolas Neubert. He’s a German senior product designer who works for Volkswagen. He developed the concept, the story, the script, the music and the editing, while the programs generated material for him to work on, based on the concept he had.

While there is no actual movie, the trailer itself is enough to be convincing: at first look, it’s breathtaking. The visuals are vivid and complex and the concept behind the Genesis AI trailer is similar to the Terminator story: AI is in control, and the rest must fight for freedom. The Genesis AI trailer even has a description that encapsulates the story:

We gave them everything. Trusted them with our world. To become enslaved – become hunted. We have no choice. Humanity must rise again to reclaim.

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