GekoTask: All your tasks on a fingertip!

In today’s world, every day is plenty of activities, meetings and tasks, so that it is really easy to forget one of them. This is why GekoNewmobile has released GekoTask, the new application for WM smartphones dedicated to the management of to-do lists. GekoTask fills a gap of the largest part of mobile devices, rarely provided with a really effective tool for this purpose.

As all the GekoNewmobile’s products, GekoTask is aimed to help people in everyday’s life, promoting a simple and finger friendly approach to technology. In fact, this software requires just a few clicks to add, modify, describe or delete tasks.

It’s enough to create a to-do list to have it automatically set in the agenda. Once defined, the task list can be sorted, filtered or synchronized with Microsoft Outlook (on smartphones or PCs). Even sharing tasks between users gets incredibly simple, with the special invitation over SMS function.

Distributed by Geko Style®, GekoNewmobile’s products are available on and costs € 2.99.

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