GeekByte updated for WP8 with a design bump that puts content first




We’re talking pixels here, how many times have you come across free apps that covers up the prime screen pixel-estate with flashy ads? Good thing on Windows Phone platform is that the ads are still less visually annoying unlike other platforms. Though the user still loses about 10% of their screen with these distractions. So when GeekByte was set to be redesigned and updated for the gorgeous Windows Phone 8, one of those goals were to be as beautiful and purposeful as the phone design itself and present a great feed glancing experience. The update just hit the Store and the app is made free, but what’s worthy noting is the placement of ads which does not come in the way of reading or just using the app to glance through the latest tech rumors and news. The developer could be taking a hit in lower ad impressions served, but the user experience gained is unmatched.  The app also showcases Telerik’s new updated controls for WP8 extensively which add to the unique design of this tech feed reader.

GeekByte, the geek’s daily tech brunch serving news feeds from popular tech portals, can be found on the Windows Phone Store here. The free app also has a paid version for $1.29 in case you still want to avoid ads completely.

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