Gears Tactics is an Xbox Series X/S launch title; still on Xbox One



Splash Damage’s fantastic tactical take on the Gears of War franchise in Gears Tactics is now an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch title. 

Following on from the news of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release date, preorder times and price, the official Gears of War Twitter cheekily revealed some “bigger news”: the Gears Tactics console release date.

The game will finally make its console debut on November 10th as a launch day game for Microsoft’s pair of next-gen consoles. The game will be available in Xbox Game Pass, on Project xCloud and will support next-gen features such as variable rate shading.

When we reviewed Gears Tactics, we found it to be “Everything you love about Gears, just smarter.”

“Gears Tactics is a fantastic conversion of Xbox’s iconic franchise into a more thoughtful gameplay setting. It’s a spin-off that takes everything Gears is known for and masterfully retools it for an engrossing strategy game that we’ll likely be playing for years to come,” we wrote.

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