Gears Game


7, 2011

Gears for Windows Phone 7

Gears is an excellent puzzle game that allows you to be creative with your own solutions and challenges your brain against 100 unique levels (20 levels available in trial version).

If you like puzzle games where your brain is really challenged, then check this game out. It has quality gameplay, great design, lasting value is very good already, but it will be even more after future free upgrades.

Gameplay description :

The goal of the game is to power the G lamp which is connected to dynamo and run by bronze gears. To start rotation of bronze gears you need to connect them with gold gear (drive gear). On every level you have several silver gears in five different sizes to accomplish this task. As you progress through levels there are different obstacles like red zone, barriers and required rotation direction of bronze gears. There some very easy levels to get you started. But there are also some super challenging ones that will require your whole brain to solve. If all bronze gears are rotating in right direction the G lamp will light green. If not the G lamp will explode. The game is pretty great!

This game has full bag of lasting value. It has 100 levels that are very challenging so you’ll spend plenty of time playing it. And like that is not enough,more levels and gear types are coming in future updates.

Title: Gears
Price: $1.99

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