Gears 5 is Xbox Game Studios biggest launch this generation



Microsoft’s Gears 5 is not only the first Xbox Game Studios “mega-hit” but also the biggest Xbox Game Studios launch this generation.

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Announced by Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg, the third-person shooter is doing incredibly well for Xbox. Alongside being a critical darling, the title is also a sales success.

“Thanks to the incredible support from our fans, Gears 5 kicked off the Holiday season strong – attracting over three million players in its opening weekend and setting new records for Xbox Game Pass with the biggest launch week of any Xbox Game Studios title this generation,” Greenberg announced.

Thanks to its launch on Xbox Game Pass, the game’s opening weekend crushed that of its predecessor Gears of War 4. According to the announcement, Gears 5 easily doubled the first week’s debut of Gears of War 4. This impressive opening weekend pushed the title to become the most-played Xbox Game Studios title in its first week since 2012’s Halo 4.

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With the title also being available on PC, including the first of many Xbox games on Steam, the shooter has seen triple the player-base on that platform compared to its predecessor.

“On the PC, Gears 5 has nearly tripled the performance of its predecessor, becoming the biggest-ever launch for Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Game Studios’ best-ever debut on Steam,” Greenberg said.

So, are you playing Gears 5? We’d love to, but we’re busy with Borderlands 3.

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