Gears 5 adds the brutal Batista Bomb as an execution



The Coalition’s Gears 5 is getting a new update as part of Operation Gridiron event: the Batista Bomb. 

Those who play Gears 5 between the dates of April 2nd to April 18th will gain access to both the returning character of WWE’s Batista and his brutal Batista Bomb move as an execution move.

All players have to do is play through any Gears 5 game mode to its end point, then they’ll be able to lift up downed enemies, launch them into the ground and watch them explode into chunky giblets.

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In our review of Gears 5 back in September, we thought that Gears 5 was a phenomenal third-person shooter.

“For a title launching on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s AAA budget still shines high,” we said in our review. “If anything, Gears 5 proves that not only does The Coalition know how to make a solid game in the series, but they also know how to evolve a long-running franchise.”

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