GDR3 now on 15% of Windows Phone 8 handsets


As is usual before their full report, Alan Mendelevich from AdDuplex has posted some teaser stats from the report on twitter.

Most of the numbers do not come as any real surprise, such as the 12 most popular Windows Phones all being Nokia handsets, but one item was somewhat interesting.

According to AdDuplex’s advertising network 15% of Windows Phone 8 handsets are currently running GDR3, the latest update to Windows Phone 8.

The roll-out of the software started in the beginning of November 2013 with the HTC 8X, and has started in earnest with Nokia’s roll-out of the Lumia Black update in the second week of January.

Whether 15% is considered a large or a small number is up to the judgement of each reader, but I suspect a lot of the vocal complaining about wait times were prevented by Microsoft’s Developer Preview Program, which seems to me to be more than enough reason to keep that going into the future.

Are our readers inpatient for the update to hit their handsets? Let us know below.