GBoard will soon finish your sentences for you


18, 2019

When someone regrettably says something offensive, “autocorrect” sometimes ends up the culprit.  Of course, the excuse doesn’t hold much weight if they’re referring to an entire sentence that they typed.

Soon, GBoard will take autocorrect to the next level, and complete your entire sentence for you- so, “sorry, autocorrect”, may end up a viable excuse after all.

Jane Wong shared a first look of the feature on GBoard via Twitter:

While the feature arguably takes the flair out of the conversation; you can reserve it for times where you need to convey a long message, but have limited time to do so.

The feature currently exists on Gmail, where quick responses and sentence completion are offered when composing an email.  With its integration into the GBoard, users will never be lost for words again (unless it’s real life.)

Download Gboard from the Google Play Store.

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