GateCacher – Geo-cache app for Windows Mobile updated

Gatecacher - geocaching app for Windows Mobile With the weather finally improving, we are much more inclined to outdoor activities.  Geocaching is a great sport for combining technology and an urge to get in touch with nature, and fortunately there is quite a few Windows Mobile apps to help you find the elusive hidden treasures.

GateCacher is one such app that was specifically developed with “caching-on-the-go” in mind. It allows one to download cache information directly from the website, request caches nearby and if needed, import GPX files generated by, facilitating “caching on a route”.

Functions include:

  • Finding caches (near you, near GPS coordinates, by cache (GC) code or by GPX import.
  • Support for multiple caches (only memory bound, 100-200 caches has proven to still be practically useful).
  • Support for multiple waypoints per cache (also memory bound, in practice 10-20 is useful).
  • Paperless caching. Saves (stripped version of) information webpage from, including description, hints, additional waypoints, statistics, the first five logs and a clue editor.
  • Navigation, by compass, radar or GoogleMaps (currently in Beta test).
  • Basic coordinate calculations (currently supporting projection and intersection).
  • Navigation integration (with Garmin Mobile XT, Route 66 v7 and TomTom).
  • Automatic saving on exit, so all information is maintained.

Read more and download the freeware app at the Gatecacher website here.