Gartner: PC buyers keep putting quality ahead of price as Virtual Assistants fail to impress

The race to the bottom seems to be over in the PC market as buyers are no longer looking at price primarily when picking up new PCs, Gartner reports.

“PC buyers continue to put quality and functionality ahead of price,” said Mr. Atwal. “Many organizations are coming to the end of their evaluation periods for Windows 10, and are now increasing the speed at which they adopt new PCs as they see the clear benefits of better security and newer hardware.”

We can see this trend in OEMs offering cheaper, and more powerful devices for prices that won’t break the bank like Acer’s Swift Series (pictured above), Lenovo’s Yoga family and Xiaomi Mi Notebook.

This trend is repeated in the still growing smartphone market, with users opting for more premium handsets over basic, throwaway handsets.

Growth has slowed in both markets, however, with growth in the mobile market being driven by constant upgrades and with the PC market at an outright decline. It’s worth noting that the rate of the decline in the market did slow by Gartner’s metrics, so while PCs are still going to die, Armageddon has been rescheduled to just a bit later.

Another trend that isn’t taking off, however, is the artificial intelligence and virtual personal assistants that every phone from the iPhone 7 to the Huawei Mate with Alexa and the Galaxy S8 the trifecta of Google, Cortana and Bixby. To be clear, while these technologies have been seeded throughout many premium smartphones, there has been no “revolutionary impact in [these] early iterations”. In other words, user behaviour hasn’t changed much with these tools. AI has been pushed at changing the way we’ll use our devices, but it seems like the only sort of AI that users take advangtag of and appreciate are the tools that run in the backend like Google Photos and Microsoft OneDrive folder sorting.

You can read the full report from Gartner here.