Germany gets an official HTC Touch Pro2 Update

pro2_engThis is for the German readers that own a HTC Touch Pro2 but are not already running a custom 6.5 ROM.  HTC has now released an official update available directly from their website. There is not much details on what HTC has changed except of course bringing WM6.5 to your phone, but traditionally is has come with the latest (non-Leo) version of TouchFlo3D.

HTC notes the ROM brings the following features:

1.  HTC phones featuring Windows 6.5 are designed to handle your daily life, with only one consideration: You.

2.  You can customize with programs, ringtones, TouchFLO 3D options, and more.

3.  Connect with the people you care about most using Windows Live, Facebook and other chat clients available for download.

4.  Backing up with Microsoft My Phone is as easy as typing in a username and password and selecting what you want to back up.  Everything else is automatic.  You can even let it run in the background while you surf the net, chat with friends, or have it just resting in your pocket while you relax on the couch.

5.   All this and increased convenience with a one stop shop for applications available for free and for download in the brand new Marketplace.

The ROM is available from HTC’s site here.

Thanks WMExpert for the details.