GameStop’s Assassin’s Creed Origins shirt confirms hero and Egyptian setting

A few weeks ago, 4chan posted a lot of alleged information about Assassin’s Creed Origins, or Assassin’s Creed Empire…whatever it’s called. Some of the leaks included the name of the character “Balek” and details like how the plot revolves around the Exodus and a Piece of Eden being used to part the Red Sea. While much of this information is unconfirmed at this point, the fact that a t-shirt spotted at GameStop states that the main character’s name is “Ba Yek” might mean that the other information is correct.

Some of the highlights of the 4chan leak included the race of the character, who is apparently an “Israelite”. Apart from that, famous figures in history like Julius Caesar also make an appearance. Hopefully Ubisoft will share more details about this game at E3 2017. At this point, given the copious amount of leaks, it’s clear that the title exists and is set in Egypt. However, we don’t know anything beyond that. June can’t get here sooner! Rumors is that Microsoft has marketing rights to this game so we may expect a reveal at their press conference.